Willow Class - Year 3 

Term 5


So far this term Willow have been busy exploring our topic, ‘bugs’. In computing we have been learning how to use the internet safely and responsibly. To do this we have been completing research on different types of bugs and finding out lots of interesting facts. We have focused on a bug’s habitat, diet and physical characteristics.

As part of our D&T project we have started to research a bug’s physical characteristics so we can begin to design our own clay bugs. We have also been busy in maths collecting and recording data. We have found out what Willow’s favourite bug is. We recorded data using a tally chart and represented our findings in bar charts.

As part of our science we have been exploring the function of the human skeleton. We have continued our learning outside during our sessions with Colin. In groups we have been creating our very own human skeleton made out of wood. This has involved using all types of equipment including the saws and drills. So far we have all created two arms and legs.

Term 3 

Our topic for term 3 will be learning about the world around us by exploring the question ‘where’s the best place in the world to live?’. For this topic, we will be researching a variety of countries finding out their location, population, landmarks, language and much more. We will also be learning about different cultures and practising some African drumming and dancing. During Art and Design we will be looking at famous artists from around the world and creating our own art work inspired by these artists. We will also be cooking famous foods from around the world.

Term 2 

Our topic this term has been Ancient Egypt. We began by learning who the Egyptians were and what life was like in Ancient Egypt. We had lots of fun learning about Egyptian rituals including mummification. Even though most of us didn’t find the process very appealing we had fun making our own mummies by wrapping a class member with lots of toilet paper.

During our literacy lessons we used an e-book to learn about Tutankhamun and Howard Carter. We received an email from a lady who works at the British Museum asking us to write an information text about what we have discovered. So, we used the information we had read and researched to create and write some fantastic information texts.

This term we were lucky to have a specialist art teacher to do some art work with us! Through these lessons we have improved our art skills and produced some fantastic pieces of art.

As we approached Christmas we read an exciting book called ‘How Santa Really Works’. Did you know Santa has a secret team of elves called the CIA (Christmas Intelligence Agency) to spy on us throughout the year to see if we’ve been good or bad? We didn’t! We received a very exciting letter from a news reporter who worked for Christmas News and she asked us to create and present a news report about how Santa really worked. These were really fun to create and we made sure we recorded our reports so they were ready to be used on TV.