Cherry Class- Year 4 

Term 5

In Cherry Class this term our topic is Game Inventions! We will be designing and creating our very own board games! This will be achieved by: exploring music in games, designing the boxes for our very own games, creating the background story and writing instructions. We will be using computers to film adverts for them to try and sell them to a special entrepreneur guest. Along with Colin, we will be making our final board game designs in our outdoor learning sessions. Using the saws and drilling tools, we will get to make the board, counters and spinners. In our history sessions we will be exploring Egyptians to try and find out who they were and why they were important. We will be making Egyptian sculptures and mummifying objects. A very exciting term ahead! 


Term 3 and 4

In term 3 and 4 our topic was Superheroes! We were part of the secret BWA (big writing agency) completing secret missions for them in order to throw a nosey journalist off the scent. In ICT we used designing programmes to create our own superhero and city to save. Our touch typing skills helped us type up some reports about our superhero accomplishments.  In History we learnt how to dress, act and think like a roman (just like in the song!). We researched the Roman Empire and its impact on Britain. We were lucky to have a specialist art teacher in who worked with us on creating some fantastic art projects based on our history topic. Please come in and see our finished roman pillars that were created using charcoal and chalk. As well as our exciting work for the BWA we also enjoyed swimming and tag rugby. 

Term 2

This term we looked at sound. In Literacy, we looked at how authors created atmosphere in both an audio story and a written story. We then explored how to do this in our own plays, writing, performing and filming them. Our music lessons supported our stories as we created sound effects for them in small groups. We looked at the best way to create tension and we had to pick our instruments and sounds carefully. How do our ears work and where does sound come from? These are some of the questions in our Science quest this term. We looked at the parts of the ear closely and what exactly effects pitch. At the end of the term we had lots of fun creating our own wind instruments!

Term 1

Our topic this term was Africa! We began by reading Christophe’s story, a book about a young boy who moved from Africa to England. The book was written in the words of a little boy but with a huge story to tell! We were fascinated by the story and decided to write postcards to Christophe, asking him questions and exploring ways in which we can relate to him and ways in which our experiences are different. We used ICT skills along with painting and cutting skills to create some African landscapes. During this term, we went to Norton Hill to experience some food technology lessons where we learnt to make cous cous using some African ingredients. Cherry class particularly loved learning the three techniques to African drumming during our music lessons too!