Cedar Class - Year 2

Terms 5 and 6

Terms 3 and 4 

Making a healthy snack

After learning about healthy eating, we were challenged to make a healthy snack for children.

First, we tried some new fruits such as star fruit, pomegranate, passion fruit and physalis. Our favourite fruit was pomegranate. The least favourite was pink grapefruit.

Next, we had to learn how to use equipment safely to prepare the fruit. We practised cutting using the claw hold; squeezing with a juicer; grating; peeling and zesting.

After that we designed fruit salads. They had to be colourful and tasty so that children would want to eat them.

Some of our mums and dads came in to help us make the fruit salads. We worked in teams to prepare the fruit.

Then we had to present our salads in separate bowls. We asked our friends to evaluate what they thought of our work.

Finally the best bit – we got to eat all of our hard work!


Our trip to Tesco

We visited Tesco on 7th March to learn about where our food comes from.  First, we were allowed to go inside the bakery where we discovered how to make bread.

At the fish counter, we saw different types of fish.  Amber showed us how to gut a mackerel and then we brought it back to school to cook.

Next we visited the cheese counter and sampled different cheeses.  We saw a cheese from Cornwall that was wrapped in stinging nettles!

After completing the fruit and veg challenge, we went into the fridge and freezer at the back of the store.  We all sang 'Let it go' from the movie 'Frozen' as we were so cold!


Terms 1 and 2 

A special visitor

On November 18th, we had a visitor from the 17th Century.  Alex came into school to tell us about what it was like to live in England at the time of the Great Fire of London in 1666.  We learnt lots of interesting facts about clothes, food, education and entertainment.  We were also able to try on some of the clothes and touch artefacts from the time such as: dice, a two-handled mug, a spoon, beeswax and biscuits.  Here are some of our favourite facts about the 17th Century:

  • Carrots were purple!
  • Children drank beer because the water was too dirty!
  • Boys wore dresses until they were four years old!
  • Playing cards only had pictures because people couldn’t read numbers!
  • Football was played with a pig’s bladder!

Thank you to Alex for a fantastic afternoon.


Fire Safety Lesson in Cedar Class

On Friday 9th December we had a visit from three firefighters who work for Avon Fire and Rescue Service.  They came to teach us about what to do if there is a fire and the consequences of fire play.

First of all, we learnt about all the different jobs that the firefighters do.  Not only do they put out fires, but they also:

  • Rescue people and animals from water, cliffs and mud
  • Rescue people who are trapped
  • Save people from road traffic, train, boat and aircraft accidents
  • Keep people safe from chemical accidents
  • Teach people about keeping their homes and businesses safe from fire

We then listened to a story about Frances the Firefly and talked about the dangers of matches and lighters.

Escaping a fire was our next activity.  If we hear a smoke alarm at home, we have to do the following things:

  1. Shout “Fire!” as loud as we can.
  2. Get out of the house.
  3. Stay out of the house.
  4. Call 999.

Finally, we learnt what to do if our clothes ever catch on fire - Stop, Drop and Roll.

As a special treat, we got to have a look around the fire engine before our visitors left.  We were surprised at how much equipment the engines carry.  Putting out fires today is very different from 1666.  Back then they only had wooden carts, buckets, squirters, fire hooks, axes and ladders.  They didn’t even have a fire brigade!

Many thanks to Avon Fire and Rescue Service for their brilliant lesson.